At Right Choice Roofing and Repair, we believe in the immediacy of service. Our many years of experience have proven to us that the sooner your roof repair in toronto is completed, the better your chances are of avoiding greater damage down the road. Most often, we encounter situations that only require small roofing repairs. However, when such repairs are not given prompt attention, they can become major roofing nightmares!

Don’t put your home or office and any of its contents at risk. Give your property the care it deserves by contacting a trusted, reputable and dependable roofing contractor. You’re making the right choice with Right Choice Roofing and Repair! For either your residential or commercial roofing needs, no one gets the job done better. We will appraise your situation quickly and honestly and guarantee our work through our warranty.

We also offer a host of roofing repair, roof replacement, removal and installation services. They include, but are not limited to:



Caulking is a preventative measure. It is a requirement for blocking exposed nails, tying in plumbing and ventilation units and capping ends. Caulking helps to keep moisture out to ensure that all repairs are water tight.



Curb installation, contrary to how it may sound, doesn’t have to do with placing a sidewalk in front of your property. In roofing terms, a “curb” is a device that is used to mount mechanical units such as an HVAC unit. Curbs are used to keep the weight of units off of the roof.



Gables are the outside Para petted edges or finishing points of your flat roof that enclose the exterior sophit (the underside of the roof). Some gables are enclosed by exterior applications ie: brick, aluminum siding. The majority of gables are hollow so that they can provide air circulation. Some gables are enclosed (no intake circulation). Most gables are flashed ie: metal, modified, cold applied single ply (bonding adhesive).



Fascia is the front, outermost edge of any roof that is often hidden under exterior products like metal or vinyl. They are generally located where eavestroughs are installed.



Shingle Replacement is required when shingles are blown off of your roof, punched in, frayed or simply worn out.



Cedar Repair is for cedar roofing systems. Not only to remain esthetically pleasing but help ensure the cedar roofing system function. Cedar is arguably the best type of material for any steep roof application. We offer an extended warranty on our cedar installations, replacements and repairs!



Flat Roof Repair treats existing flat roof applications that aren’t in need of a complete overhaul. Instead, roofing repairs to extend the life of the existing flat.



When your roof is being repaired or replaced, it’s not just the field(roof face) of your sloped roof that needs special attention. Mechanical Tie-Ins is a requirement for various devices that are necessary within your property can be installed to your roof. Such devices include exhaust fans, condensers, water towers, make-up air ducts, ductwork, kitchen grease fans and other building ventilation systems.

Up to 80 per cent of roof leaks that we have encountered are related to what we call “rooftop penetrations”. In other words, much damage occurs at the hands of rooftop equipment that is installed over or is attached to the roof structure itself. We are very experienced at providing water tight security on the installation of such mechanical tie-ins.



At Right Choice Roofing and Repair, we offer a choice between materials for siding. Aluminum Siding is a manufactured material that is generally .019" thick. Its appearance is that of a baked-on enamel paint finish.

Vinyl siding is an extruded plastic material that typically ranges between .040” and .046” in thickness. It is known for its solid colour.



Right Choice Roofing and Repair provides a wide range of drainage solutions for both residential and commercial drains. They include roof drains, re-roof drains, overflow drains, retrofit drains, deck drains, roof drain accessories and scupper drains for rooftops, balconies, and other enclosed custom applications.



Eavestroughs are the gutters that are affixed beneath the edge of your roof. They help to catch precipitation so that it is funneled off of your roof and towards the ground. In many cases, repair over replacement is needed. We’re experts at it!

At Right Choice Roofing and Repair, we guarantee that our roofing products are installed correctly and promptly. Both our work and products are guaranteed by our warranty. As well, we’re committed to providing you with incomparable customer service. Whether you need minor repairs or all-out roof replacements of the existing roofs to either your single-family home or commercial building, you have made the right choice with Right Choice Roofing and Repair. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2007 and still going strong! See pictures of some of our finest work below!

Here are a few homes that have received the benefit of New Roof Applications that RightChoice Roofing and Repair has been responsible for in the Greater Toronto Area.


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