What exactly is a warranty and what does it entail? How will you know that you are really covered by a warranty? What does your warranty cover and what doesn’t it cover? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered to ensure that your roof repair or replacement is truly covered for the long haul. It’s important to know that your 20-year warranty literally insures your roof for a full 20 years, right?

Naturally, this should be the case. But with the passing of time, new technologies have been invented and roofing materials have improved. As a result, there are warranty issues that must be addressed. For example, there once was a time when only low-slope systems were used for built-up roof systems. And while manufacturers may have issued bonds to compensate customers who experienced problems, low-slope systems now come with many new options. They include rubber, plastics and modified asphalts.

So what would that mean for those pre-existing warranties? There are a wide range of warranties out there. And some of them are actually unwarranted! Certain manufacturers have used warranties as marketing tools. They tend to cover long coverage periods for unproven materials with no track record to prove long-term stability.

Some warranties cover materials only. That means that they are technically not liable for shoddy workmanship. Then there are those warranties that cover material and labor, but command that a premium is paid based on the square footage of the roof. There are also warranties that exclude coverage at the hands of wind. These warranties need to be specific, detailing factors such as hurricanes, wind speeds and wind uplift and how they affect the warranty.

The majority of warranties also exclude the coverage of damage to a building’s interior. These costs can be far greater than the cost of fixing your roof. Right Choice Roofing and Repair prefers the honest approach. We wish to secure your satisfaction for the long haul with our roof repairs and roof replacements.

Let’s take a look at the terms and conditions of Right Choice Roofing and Repair.


1. Right Choice Roofing and Repair can only provide warranties on work that has been completed by us. We are not responsible for any contributing factors that are not evident at the time of assessment. We are not responsible for pre-existing issues that may be part of an issue. Our installers can only provide an estimate for what the cause may be and price out accordingly. All actual work is separate and carries a separate fee.

2. RightChoice Roofing is not responsible for:

- Faulty Materials
- Extreme Weather
- Acts of God
- Pre-existing issues
- Breakage of property (beyond our control)
- Structural
- Electrical
- Dry walled ceilings
- Lights etc.

All of our work will be carried out in a professional manner. All possible precautions will be exhausted upon carrying out any of our work.

   Friendly and Courteous reception
   Prompt Service
   Quality work
   Warranty on all finished work
   Prompt return on all call backs
   24 hour Emergency repair service
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