Chimney Demolition & Removal

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Chimney Demolition & Removal

The demolition of a chimney is quite straightforward and there are a few different ways to do it. While most chimneys are supported independently, some are part of the structure and attached to the walls or roof of the home.  In some cases a chimney rises up from the foundation and goes through a number of stories before heading out through the roof. A chimney can be located along the walls or may even appear in the middle of a house.

Chimney Installation

The installation of your chimney will determine how it will be demolished. There are cases where the chimney is connected with ties to the framing. It’s important for a professional to assess how your chimney was installed in order to clarify the best removal process.

Chimney Removal –  Chimneys can be classified into two different categories including:

Chimney stackThis is the extension of the chimney above the roof.

While all chimney removals require that the chimney stack be taken out, in some cases the chimney breast may remain intact inside the home. The decision to remove the chimney breast will be decided based on the installation of the chimney and your budget.


Cost of Chimney Demolition & Removal

The services provided for chimney demolition and removal include the following:

  • Chimney stack removal
  • Repairing any holes remaining
  • Adding structure support

The cost for the removal project will be determined according to the complexity of the project, how long it will take and other factors. A simple removal would include taking out the chimney stack just down to the point where it is flush with the roof. The hole would then be patched up.

Removing the chimney breast will leave a hole in the wall and the floor, which would need patching as well. If the chimney is part of the structure of the home, things can get a lot more complicated. The home will need to be reinforced and supported and framing adjustments may be necessary.

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