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Hello Toronto.

Welcome to my Toronto Roofing Services Page.

I’m your go to Roofing Company for any Toronto Roofing Service that you may require.

Your Roofing Contractor for anything Toronto Roofing.

Roofing Toronto is my specialty.

I am your personalized Toronto Roofing Service.

I personally assess, sell and complete every Toronto Roofing Repair and Toronto Roof Replacement.

Roof leak repair.

Roof Leak Repair.

Repair Roof Leak.

Flat Roof Leak Repair.

Toronto Roof Leak repair.

Skylight Leak Repair.

Chimney Leak Repair.

Vent Leak Repair.

Porch Leak Repair.

Eavestrough Leak Repair.

Shingles Leak Repair.

Slate Roof leak repair.

Cedar Roof leak repair.

Roof Leak Repair Toronto.

Roofing Systems replacement.

Flat Roof Replacement.

Shingles replacement.

Slate Roof replacement.

Cedar Roof replacement.

Metal Roof replacement.

Corrugated Roof Replacement.

Ribbed Roof Replacement.

Roofing Systems installations.

Tar and Gravel Flat Roofing.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles.

Organic Slate Roofing.

Composite Slate Roofing.

Cedar Roofing.

Metal Panel Roofing.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing.

PVC Corrugated Roofing.

Ribbed Roofing.

Cold applied Flat Roofing.

Sloped Roof repair.

Repair Shingles.

Shingle Repair.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles Repair.

Composite Shingles Repair.

Metal Shingles repair.

3 Tab Shingles Repair.

Slate Tile Repair.

Composite Slate Tiles Repair.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Repair.

Metal Panel Roof Repair.

Cedar Shake Roof Repair.

Cedar Shingle Repair.

Metal Flashing Repair.

Cold applied Roof Repair.

TPO Roof Repair.

PVC Roof Repair.

EPDM Roof Repair.

Clay Roof Repair.

Concrete Roof Repair.

Chimney Flashing Repair.

Chimney Repair.

Brick Chimney Repair.

Chimney Cap Repair.

Skylight Repair.

Vent Repair.

Ridge Vent Repair.

Plumbing Exhaust Flange Repair.

Turbine repair.

Whirrly Bird Exhaust Repair.

Sonotube Repair.

Solar Vent Repair.

Fascia Repair.

Gable Repair.

Squirrel Damage Repair.

Raccoon Damage Repair.

Sophit Repair.

Eavestrough Repair.

Downspout Repair.

Fascia Flashing Repair.

Gable Flashing Repair.

Chimney Flashing Repair.

Plywood Repair.

Board Repair.

One-way Door installation and removal.

Roof Pest Control.

Roof Ventillation Repair.

Structure Roof Repair.

Roof Structure Repair.

Parapet Flashing Repair.

Parapet Cap Flashing Repair.

Valley Repair.

Valley Junction Repair.

Valley Flashing Repair.

Clay Roof Repair.

Clay Tile Roof Repair.

Concrete Tile Roof Repair.

Marley Tile Roof Repair.

Ribbed Roof Repair.

Corrugated Roof Repair.

PVC Panel Roof repair.

Here are some additional Services I hope will help with your Toronto Roofing needs. Roofing Services that I would be happy to personally provide.

Toronto Shingle Replacement.

Repair Flat Roof.

Toronto Flat Roof Repair.

Repair Flat Roof leaks.

Toronto Flat Roof Leak Repair.

Toronto Sloped Roof leak Repair.

Repair Sloped Roof.

Sloped Roof Repair Toronto.

Roof Valley Repair.

Valley Roof Repair.

Asphalt Shingle repair Toronto.

Toronto Shingle Repair.

Toronto Shingles repair.

Toronto Flat Roof repair.

Flat Roof repair Toronto.

Cold Applied Roofing.

Peel and Stick Roofing.

Cold applied Flat Roof Repair.

Cold applied Flat Roof replacement.

Cold applied Flat Roof Installation.

Tar and Gravel hot applied, Flat Roof Repair.

Tar and Gravel hot applied, Flat Roof Replacement.

Tar and Gravel hot applied, Flat Roof Installation.

Modified, torch down, hot applied Flat Roof Repair.

Modified, torch down, hot applied Flat Roof Replacement.

Modified, torch down, hot applied Flat Roof Installation.

Toronto PVC Roof repair.

Toronto PVC Roof Replacement.

PVC Roofing.

PVC Roof Repair Toronto.

PVC Roof Replacement Toronto.

TPO Roofing.

TPO Roof Repair Toronto.

Toronto Clay Roof Repair.

Toronto Clay Roof Replacement.

Clay Roofing.

Clay Roof Repair Toronto.

Clay Roof Replacement Toronto.

Clay Roof Installation Toronto.

Toronto Cedar Roof Repair.

Toronto Cedar Roof Replacement.

Cedar Roof repair Toronto.

Cedar Roof Replacement Toronto.

Cedar Roofing Toronto.

Cedar Roof Repair Toronto.

Cedar Roof Replacement.

Cedar Roof Installation.

Toronto Sophit Repair.

Toronto Sophit Replacement.

Sophit Repair Toronto.

Sophit Replacement Toronto.

Sophit Installation Toronto.

Toronto Eavestrough repair.

Toronto Eavestrough Replacement.

Eavestrough Installation Toronto.

Downspout Repair Toronto.

Downspout Replacement Toronto.

Downspout Installation Toronto.

Toronto Slate Roof repair.

Toronto Slate Roofing.

Slate Roofing Toronto.

Slate Roofing repair.

Slate Roofing Replacement.

Slate Roofing Installation.

Toronto Chimney Repair.

Toronto Brick Chimney repair.

Tronto Chimney Waterproofing.

Toronto Chimney Flashing Repair.

Toronto Chimney Flashing Replacement.

Toronto Chimney Flashing Installation.

Toronto Curb repair.

Curb Installation Toronto.

Toronto Flat Roofing.

Flat Roofing Toronto.

Flat Roof Curb Repair Toronto.

Flat Roof Curb replacement Toronto.

Flat Roof Curb Installation Toronto.

Concrete Roofing.

Concrete Flat Roof repair Toronto.

Concrete Flat Roof Cutting.

Concrete Flat Roof Drilling.

Concrete Roof core cutting.

Concrete Roof Tile Repair Toronto.

Concrete Roof Tile Replacement Toronto .

Metal Roofing.

Toronto Metal Roofing.

Metal Roofing Toronto.

Metal Roof repair Toronto.

Metal Roof replacement Toronto.

Metal Roof Installation Toronto.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Repair Toronto.

Standing Seam Metal Roof replacement Toronto.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Toronto.

Ribbed Roofing Toronto.

Metal Ribbed Roofing.

Metal Ribbed Roof Repair Toronto.

Metal Ribbed Roof Replacement Toronto.

Metal Ribbed Roof Installation Toronto.

Parapet Flashing Repair Toronto.

Parapet Flashing Replacement Toronto.

Parapet Flashing Installation Toronto.

Parapet Cap Flashing Repair Toronto.

Parapet Cap Flashing Replacement Toronto.

Parapet Cap Flashing Installation Toronto.

Fascia Flashing Repair Toronto.

Fascia Flashing Replacement Toronto.

Fascia Flashing Installation Toronto.

Gable Flashing Repair Toronto.

Gable Flashing Replacement Toronto.

Gable Flashing Installation Toronto.

Ventillation Repair Toronto.

Ventillation Replacement Toronto.

Ridge Vent Repair Toronto.

Ridge Vent Replacement.

Ridge Vent Installation.

Static Vent Repair.

Static Vent Replacement.

Static Vent Installation.

Turbine Repair.

Turbine Replacement.

Turbine Installation.

Whirrly Bird Vent Repair and Whirrly bird Vent replacement.

Flapper vent Repair and Flapper Vent Replacement.

Exhaust Vent Repair and Exhaust Vent Replacement.

Odie Repair and Odie Replacement.

Plumbing Exhaust Flange Repair and Plumbing Exhaust Flange Replacement.

Plumbing Flashing Repair and Plumbing Flashing Replacement.

Flat Roof Tall Cone Repair.

Flat Roof Tall Cone Replacement.

Flat Roof Tall Cone Installation.

Alluminum Breather Vent repair.

Alluminum Breather Vent Replacement.

Aluminum Breather Vent Installation.

Flat Roof Ventilation Repair.

Flat Roof Ventilation.

Skylight repair Toronto.

Skylight Roof Repair Toronto.

Skylight Replacement Toronto.

Skylight Installation Toronto.

Curb Mount Skylight Repair.

Curb Mount Skylight Replacement.

Curb Mount Skylight Installation.

Solar Tube Repair.

Solar Tube Replacement.

Solar Tube Installation.

Sonotube repair Toronto.
Wildlife Roof repair Toronto.
Wildlife Roof Protection Toronto.
Wildlife Roof Prevention Toronto.

Squirrel Damage Roof Repair Toronto.

Raccoon Damage Roof Repair Toronto.

Critter Removal.

Remove Critters from Roof.

Critter Roof repair.

One way Door Installation Toronto.

One way Door removal Toronto.

Squirrel One way Door Installation.

Squirrel One way Door removal Toronto.

Raccoon One way Door Installation Toronto.

Raccoon One way Door removal Toronto.

Roof Deck Removal.

Roof Deck Demolition.


Dormer Removal.

Dormer Demolition Toronto.

Dormer Repair.

Dormer Demolition.

Chimney Removal.

Chimney Demolition.

Aerial Drone Footage.

Aerial Drone Service.

Aerial Drone Inspections.

Aerial Drone Video.

Aerial Drone Pictures.

Siding Repair.

Siding Replacement.

Siding Installation.

Aluminum Exterior Repair.

Aluminum Exterior Replacement.

Aluminum Siding Installation.

Toronto Exterior repair.

Exterior Repair.

Dormer Exterior Replacement.

Dormer Exterior Repair.

Mansard Dormer Exterior Repair.

Mansard Dormer Exterior replacement.

The List of Roofing Services I provide goes on and on Toronto.

I am Toronto’s one stop shop for any Roofing Service you may require.

Toronto Roofing is my specialty.

Your go too Toronto Roofing Company.

I am Toronto’s number #1 Roofing Contractor.

Toronto Roof Repair and Toronto Roof replacements is my specialty.

For all your non emergency needs, call today for your free next day estimate.

For all your Emergency Roof repair needs which require immediate attention for same day Roofing Service, look no further and request your paid Emergency Roof repair Service and assessment.

I am Frank Gillis and I am at your service.