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 We’re grateful for your consideration of one of Toronto’s leading roof repair companies. We are one of the GTA’s leading roofing contractors, providing our residential and commercial clients with a one-stop-shop for wildlife removal and a top-notch roof repair service.

Comprehensive Services

Innovative Wildlife Solutions

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Comprehensive Services

Innovative Wildlife Solutions

Industry-Leading Roof Repair

Got some critters in your attic or soffits? We’re sorry to hear that. We at Right Choice Roofing and Repair have a solution for you. Let our experienced roofers assess and evaluate your situation and provide you with a detailed quote after presenting you with all your options.

As one of GTA’s top roofing companies, we pride ourselves in being able to provide an industry-leading roofing service that allows our customers to rest easy knowing that our expertise and knowledge will protect their home or business from raccoon or squirrel damage but also to implement any necessary prevention systems to further protect your investment.

Right Choice Roofing and Repair specializes in infestation removal. Our tried and tested procedures allow for a safe and humane removal of squirrel, raccoon, and possum infestations, and our thorough understanding of our many different types of roofing systems allows for many different prevention measures to ensure that our valued clients can avoid similar issues in the future.

Step 1

Wildlife Removal

To allow for a successful removal of any squirrel, raccoon, or possum infestation starts with a thorough assessment of your roofing system and all of its contributing systems. Complete inspection allows for both identification of any entry/exit locations, but also to identify any vulnerabilities.

Once entry/exit locations have been clearly identified and all areas that could potentially be at risk, all necessary preventative measures can be implemented to allow for a successful oneway door installation.

Oneway door mechanisms are the only available option to safely and humanely expel raccoon, squirrel, and possum infestation without accessing enclosed spaces for manual removal or trap implementations.

Unfortunately, once removed, often times, your unwelcome guest will try and find another way in! That’s where prevention is important.

Step 2

Repair & Prevention

Implement all necessary preventative measures to not only limit your unexpected guests to any current entry/exit locations but also to better your chances of any future incidents.

Once all preventative measures have been utilized, a oneway door mechanism will successfully allow for removal of your infestation.

Once you have successfully followed a very, very specific procedure in expelling and thoroughly protected the rest of your roof and its contributing systems, you can repair your roof!

Our roofing experts continue to set the standard for infestation removal.

It’s all about prevention. Knowledge and experience have allowed Right Choice Roofing and Repair to excel in wildlife removal and to allow for a continued success in both roof repair and wildlife prevention.

  • Fascia reinforcement
  • Gable reinforcement
  • Sophhit reinforcement
  • Fixed mechanical reinforcement
  • Vent protection
  • Plumbing exhaust flange protection
  • Ridge vent exhaust protection
  • Turbine protection
  • Flashing system protection
  • Chimney systems protection

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Right Choice Roofing and Repair is rated as one of the top roofing companies for a reason. Our no-pressure approach and full disclosure policy have earned us many reviews on many well-known public platforms, and we’re happy to include you as one of our many satisfied customers.

We had severe squirrel damage on our roof, and after reading the reviews of several roofing companies, we decided to contact Right Choice Roofing. Frank Gillis, the owner, came right away to have a look, and helped us decide how to proceed. Our options were to replace with shingles or an expensive new slate roof with copper flashing. We went with slate and copper. The care and expertise with which the job was done and the cleanup afterwards was A++. I must also add that both Frank and Mathew are very nice and honest, always arrived as promised and always kept me informed on the progress.

Torfinn H.

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