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Expert Drone Roof Inspections 

We are thrilled to have you considering us for your aerial drone inspection needs! Not only are we one of the GTA’s leading roofing contractors, but we also provide aerial drone inspection services in Toronto.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and Right Choice Roofing and Repair have been incorporating these advancements since drone technology inception. The days of having to physically access roofing systems for inspections are now a thing of the past.

Accessibility restrictions, height limitations, and steep slopes have historically hindered thorough inspections of many homes and businesses in the GTA. These restrictions have not only incurred significant costs for Toronto’s consumers but have also posed liability and worker safety concerns for centuries.

Safe and Comprehensive Roof Inspections with Aerial Drones

Today’s expanding drone capabilities facilitate a safe transition from worker safety concerns and limited roof inspections to comprehensive assessments of our numerous heritage homes and commercial buildings. Simultaneously, it ensures all our roofers return home safely to their families.

Advancements in aerial drone technology continue to exceed expectations. At Right Choice Roofing and Repair, we stand as your number one choice for any aerial drone inspection needs. Our industry-leading drone technology implementations distinguish us as the GTA’s premier provider of roof and thermal inspections. Our ongoing investment in new aerial drone technology and compliance with up-to-date licensing requirements make us the obvious choice for anything drone-related.

Our industry leading drone inspection services include:

  • Slate roof drone inspection
  • Cedar roof drone inspection
  • Metal roof drone inspection
  • Roof repair drone inspection
  • Roof replacement drone inspection
  • Toronto drone inspection
  • GTA drone inspection
  • High-rise building drone inspection
  • Thermal drone inspection
  • Drone roof inspection
  • Flat roof drone inspection
  • Commercial roof drone inspection
  • Industrial roof drone inspection
  • Residential roof drone inspection
  • Institutional roof drone inspection
  • Tar and gravel flat roof drone inspection
  • EPDM flat roof drone inspection
  • TPO flat roof drone inspection
  • Modified bitumen flat roof drone inspection
  • Built-up flat roof (BUR) drone inspection
  • Rubber membrane flat roof drone inspection
  • Spray coating flat roof drone inspection
  • Concrete flat roof drone inspection
  • Metal flat roof inspection
  • Thermoplastic flat roof inspection
  • PVC flat roof inspection
  • Sloped roof drone inspection
  • Shingle roof drone inspection
  • Metal roof drone inspection
  • Clay roof drone inspection
  • Chimney drone inspection
  • Wildlife damage drone inspection

Precision and Efficiency

Aerial drones provide unparalleled precision in roof inspections, capturing high-resolution images for a detailed analysis, saving time and ensuring no aspect of your roof goes unnoticed.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Utilizing aerial drones enhances safety by eliminating the need for workers to climb roofs, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries while still achieving a thorough inspection.


Aerial drone inspections offer a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative, swiftly capturing detailed images, minimizing labor costs, and streamlining decision-making for necessary repairs or maintenance.

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Had emergency work on my roof/soffit that needed to be fixed immediately. Frank was able to get here and fix it right away, plus do some other maintenance work on our roof in one morning. Very honest and reasonably priced.

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