Terms & Conditions

Right Choice Roofing and repairs is hereby indemnified of the following:

Maintenance of any Roofing system Replacement and/or repair. Purchaser is responsible for any necessary upkeep and maintenance of purchased Roofing system replacements and/or repairs.

Any damage and/or failure that may occur due to a hidden contributing Roofing system failure.

Any hidden contributing systems failures that may cause failure to a Replacement and/or repair Purchase.

Any non-negligent damage that may occur during or after Service provided.

Customer is responsible to determine if any Objects, Ceiling or Wall Fixtures are at risk due too expected Rooftop vibrations caused by necessary actions providing Service (hammering, vibrations, etc).

Acts of God.

Wildlife damage.


Force majeure.

Faulty Materials or Equipment.
Any Hidden factors that may be the cause and/or a contributing factor that may contradict an initial assessment made by Estimator. Customer agrees that Right choice Roofing and repairs can only assess information available at time of assessment and provide recommendations based on information available.

Customer agrees and does acknowledge that Right choice Roofing and repairs does not provide a Warranty for Materials and/ or Equipment.

Customer agrees that any unknown necessary additional work that is required to complete a pre-proposed purchase is extra and will be billed accordingly, based on what is required. Any additional work will be presented to Purchaser for Authorization prior to completion. Customer acknowledges that Authorization is required to proceed with any additional work and agrees that Right choice Roofing and repairs is not responsible for any delays and/or damage that may occur if Customer fails to authorize any additional work in a timely matter. Customer agrees to be available in person or by some other means at time of Service to accommodate any necessary changes and/or accomodate Authorization requirements.

Customer acknowledges that any prior notifications and/or communication with regards to shared Property Owners and/ or Neighbours is the responsibility of Purchaser to accommodate all necessary full disclosure requirements.

Customer hereby agrees that any modifications, reversions and/ or changes made to a Purchased Roofing system replacement and/or installation and/or repair completed by Right Choice Roofing and Repairs by another Contractor will void Workmanship Warranty.

Customer agrees to abide by any City Municipality By-Law requirements.

Customer agrees that late or delinquent payments will incur an initial 15% surcharge automatically and the maximum allowable monthly increase as stated by Municipalities Civil/Superior and Small claims Courts and agrees to Property Lien implementations. All payments are due immediately upon completion of proposed Service.

Customer agrees and acknowledges that variances in pre-proposed services may be required if complications arise with regards to any hidden and/ or unknown factors to complete proposed purchase.