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We are Toronto’s Number #1 Slate Roof Repair and Slate Roof Replacement Specialists

We are Toronto’s go-to for professional slate roof repair and slate roof replacement. Our special attention to detail has allowed for our continued success in providing top-notch slate roofing services for our many heritage homes and commercial buildings and ensured a thorough and efficient slate roof repair or slate roof replacement for an ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

Multiple-story buildings with limited access for both commercial and residential projects necessitate experience and hands-on expertise that Right Choice Roofing and Repair has perfected for our customers since 2007.

Slate roofing is our passion, and we are always looking forward to our next slate roofing project.

We recognize that the majority of our clients love their slate roofs and want to ensure that their slate roofing system is functioning properly. Our clients expect that their homes and businesses are safe from roof-related issues and that dependable protection from our harsh Canadian weather is a must!

Rest assured, Right Choice Roofing and Repair and its experienced slate roofers will carry out any of the many options that are made available to them by our reliable sales team.

Anything from slate tile replacement/repair to a complete restoration of an entire slate roofing system, Right Choice Roofing and Repair has you covered. If you are particular about your slate roof and want to ensure that it’s both functional and up to date, let Right Choice Roofing and Repair provide you with a complete and thorough slate roof restoration. Or, we would be pleased if you would consider us for your slate roof repair and slate roof replacement needs!

Here’s just a few of our slate roofing services that are at your disposal:

  • Slate roof drone inspection
  • Slate roof tile repair
  • Slate roof repair
  • Slate roof leak repair
  • Slate roof vent repair
  • Slate roof vent replacement
  • Slate roof plumbing vent flange repair
  • Slate plumbing exhaust flange replacement
  • Slate valley repair
  • Slate valley replacement
  • Slate ridge repair
  • Slate ridge replacement
  • Slate skylight repair
  • Slate skylight replacement
  • Slate chimney flashing repair
  • Slate roof chimney removal
  • Slate roof chimney demolition
  • Slate chimney flashing replacement
  • Slate dormer repair
  • Slate dormer Mansard exterior repair
  • Slate roof dormer removal
  • Slate roof dormer demolition
  • Slate roof heating cable installation
  • Slate roof heating cable repair
  • Slate roof snow guard installation
  • Slate roof snow guard repair
  • Slate roof wildlife prevention
  • Slate roof wildlife damage repair
  • Slate roof wildlife removal
  • Slate roof raccoon removal
  • Slate roof squirrel removal
  • Slate roof ventilation repair
  • Slate roof ridge vent repair
  • Slate roof turbine repair
  • Slate roof flapper vent repair
  • Slate roof skylight repair
  • Slate roof skylight replacement

The list goes on! Call us today for anything slate roofing!

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Right Choice Roofing and Repair is rated as one of the top roofing companies for a reason. Our no-pressure approach and full disclosure policy have earned us many reviews on many well-known public platforms, and we’re happy to include you as one of our many satisfied customers.

Frank, is such a professional and knows his stuff with every aspect about roofing. Very honest and to the point. As a real estate agent, I recommend him to all my clients for basic roof repair and replacement. In our industry we look for Professional Honest Trades people who we can recommend to our clients. Frank has come through for my clients on several occasions.


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