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Welcome to our chimney removal and demolition page. We’re so happy that you are considering Right Choice Roofing and Repair for your upcoming chimney demolition and removal needs! We are one of the GTA’s top roofing contractors specializing in chimney demolition and removal. As one of the GTA’s best roofing contractors, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a wide array of roofing services.

We at Right Choice Roofing and Repair realize that chimneys, like anything else that weathers our harsh Canadian elements, fail. Although a chimney is one of a building’s contributing systems, it’s a very important function. But when it fails, it poses many issues that not only affect the chimney itself but leave many of your home’s or business’s other systems vulnerable.

A chimney serves two very specific functions:

Fireplace exhaust

conduit that allows for water heater or gas exhaust

Knowing your chimney’s specific function, if any, is a very important thing to know. Knowing if your chimney is in use is a very important step prior to removing.

Failing chimney systems:

  • Chimney flashing kit
  • Chimney crown
  • Chimney cap
  • Chimney flues
  • Flue mortar
  • Chimney brick exteriors
  • Brick mortar
  • Chimney liners
  • Chimney's inner flue tiles
  • Chimney's inner dampers
  • Chimney smoke shelf
  • Chimney smoke chamber
  • Chimney inner lintel
  • Chimney's interior firebox

From top to bottom, there’s a lot happening! As with anything else, a chimney has a life expectancy and often serves its purpose and is no longer needed. Right Choice Roofing and Repair is an all-in-one chimney removal service. Our qualified roofers can not only safely demolish and remove your home’s or business’s chimney, but our qualified staff can close up your roofing system! 

Some things to note with chimney removal:

  1. Removal of the top portion of a chimney that extends past your roofing system does not require a permit from your municipality.
  2. Including the breast portion of your chimney (from ground to roofing system) requires a permit from your municipality.
  3. Removing the breast of your chimney is often a collaborative effort between a chimney removal service provider and a general contractor who can apply for all necessary permits and implement any necessary interior work that is required.
  4. Often, a home’s or business’s structure is not built around your chimney independently. In these cases, removal of the chimney’s breast could pose structural integrity liabilities that could lead to floor and wall structure collapse!

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Frank is terrific to deal with. I’ve used him multiple times for my roof repair needs and have referred him to friends. He is very responsive, informative and skilled. He takes his work and his commitment to his customers very seriously. Those are all too rare commodities these days. Highly recommended.

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