Welcome Toronto to Right choice Roofing and Repair.

I’m the Greater Toronto areas one stop shop for any roofing needs.

I excel at roofing. God given talent to assess and carry out any given task before me and do it right and as per contract. No short cuts.

I’m not the cheapest and I m not the most expensive roofer out there. I m honest and a man of my word. I take pride in what I do. If I take on a job, I finish the job. I finish it right.

My reviews and recommendations speak for themselves. I d like to invite everyone to take a moment a check me out. I am Frank Gillis and Right choice roofing and repair is my baby.

I’m a sole proprietor and its my name on the line so if your looking for your lifetime roofer look no further. I m not only the salesman, I m the installer.

We are your one stop shop for anything Toronto Roofing. Right choice Roofing and Repairs is Toronto’s Roof Repair Specialists.

I am Frank Gillis. I am Owner and Operator of your personalized, go too Toronto Roofing Company for both Roof repairs and Roof replacements.

We realize that Toronto Roofing is unique and requires a universal understanding of many contributing factors with regards to Canadian weather and subsequent Roofing Systems that are currently protecting both our Homes and Businesses in Toronto.

Toronto Roof repair is what we do. Let our know how solve any Roofing Repair needs you may have.

Chimney removal.

Chimney Demolition

Toronto Roofing

Shingles Repair.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles Repair.

Flat Roof Repair.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Repair.

Tar and Gravel Flat Roof repair.

Slate Roof Repair.

Cedar Roof Repair.

Eavestrough Repair.

Sophit Repair.

Metal Roof Repair.

Chimney Repair.

Roof Leak Repair.

Skylight Repair.

Squirrel Damage Repair.

Raccoon Damage Repair.

Fascia Repair.

Metal Flashing Repair.

Vent Repair.

Turbine repair.

Flange Repair.

Flapper Vent Repair.

If it’s time for the inevitable Roof Replacement, no need to worry, we got you covered. Myself and every one of my experienced and reliable Roofers are ready to make your up and coming Purchase go smoothly and just like clockwork.

Flat Roof Replacement.

Shingles Roof Replacement.

Slate Roof Replacement.

Metal Roof Replacement.

Cedar Roof Replacement.

We are Toronto’s number #1 Roofing Contractor. We are are Toronto’s Roofing Company that Services the Greater Toronto area. We are proud to set the standard for both Roof Repair and Roof Replacement.

  • Emergency Roof repair.
  • Roof repair.
  • Roof Leak Repair.
  • Roof replacement.
  • Toronto Roofing.
  • Toronto Roof Pest Control.
  • Toronto Wildlife Roof repair.
  • Squirrel removal.
  • Raccoon removal.
  • Roof Inspection.
  • Roofing Consultation.
  • Flat Roof Repair.
  • Flat Roof Leak Repair.
  • Roofing Toronto.
  • Roof Repair Service.

We offer Emergency same day rates for all your Emergency Roof repair needs.

Let me and my knowledgeable Staff help with any of your Toronto Roofing needs.

Right Choice Roofing and repairs is like no other Roofing Company in Toronto. Roofing is our specialty.

Friendly and courteous.

Licenced and Insured.

Free next day estimates.

Highly recommended.


Personalized Roofing Service.

No Sub Contractors.

Replace Roof to Repair Roof, we got you covered. Roofing Toronto is what we at Right choice Roofing and repairs is here for.

I am Frank Gillis and I am a Local Toronto Roofer. I am a Qualified and reputable Roofing Contractor. I am an experienced Roofing Service Provider that specializes in Flat Roof repair and Sloped Roof repair. Toronto Flat Roof replacement and Sloped Roof Replacement done right.

I m a phone call away to provide any Toronto Roofing Service.

I am your Licensed and Insured Roofer. A Toronto Roofer which makes a difference and it’s my attention to detail that makes me stand out from other Roofing Companies. Let my many online reviews speak for themselves.

Metro licence# B2-1086.

Commercial Liability Insurance provider, Affinity Insurance Inc.

WSIB# 309 1432.