chimney removal for roofing repair
chimney removal for roofing repair

Challenges That Roofing Contractors Face in the Winter

December 8, 2020

Roofing installation, maintenance, and repair is a pretty tough job even in the best weather conditions. Add on below freezing temperatures, strong gusts of wind, as well as wet and slippery working conditions, and it can be a downright nightmare. Winter in Canada can be brutal for a lot of people working in the trades, but it’s especially hard for those who spend most of their time working outdoors. Experienced roofing contractors are used to handling all kinds of commercial and residential roof repair in Toronto while braving subfreezing temperatures.

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What to Expect when Performing Roofing Repair or Maintenance in the Winter 

Roofing emergencies and damages such as leaks and missing shingles aren’t entirely uncommon during the winter months, particularly when there are weather warnings in effect. Strong gusts of wind can easily rip old loose shingles right off of your roof resulting in leaks.

As you can imagine, roof repair services are a hot commodity during the winter months. Roofing contractors typically have specific commercial and residential roof repair service areas that they work within, so it’s important to find an experienced local roofing contractor that’s familiar with your specific area.

To guarantee that all roofing maintenance and repair jobs are done right in the winter, roofing companies in Toronto usually do the following:

Bring Larger Crews

Professional roofing companies always keep the safety, well-being, and efficiency of the workers top of mind for every job, but especially in the winter months. To maximize use of limited daylight hours, roof repair crews need to work a lot faster than they typically would in the summer. As a result, roofing companies in Toronto tend to hire more personnel to help speed up the process. So, you can expect to see a much larger crew of roofing contractors working on your project during the winter months.

Risk of Rescheduling Due to Poor Weather Conditions

There are only a select few winter conditions that are ideal for professional roofing projects. In the interest of protecting their crew members and performing a job well done, most roofing companies in Toronto will most likely have to reschedule a commercial or residential roof repair job if the weather doesn’t hold up. Wet and icy conditions not only hinder performance, but they can also make for very dangerous working conditions for crew members. And that’s just too big of a liability risk for most companies and property owners to take, even with the best safety precautions in place.

As much as roofing contractors in Toronto do their best to keep a close eye on the weather forecast, it’s not always possible to accurately anticipate the climate in this city.

Planning Ahead and Higher Cost

There’s a lot more at stake when performing roof repairs in the winter as opposed to spring, summer, and fall. Professional roofers often need to plan their roofing jobs well in advance, so that they can prepare the necessary safety precautions and materials ahead of time. Due to the extra work and risk involved, be prepared for the fact that some roofing companies in Toronto may charge you an additional fee to cover their overhead costs. This is a standard operating procedure for commercial and residential roof repair during the winter season.

What Are Some Common Residential Roof Issues in the Winter?

Try as you may to properly maintain your structure throughout the year, rough winter climates can still do a lot of damage to your roof. Here are some of the most common residential roof repair issues in Toronto and the GTA:

Pest and Animal Damages

Animals like raccoons and squirrels typically seek warm and cozy shelter as the weather gets colder. So don’t be surprised if your roof suddenly springs a leak due to pests trying to get into your attic. Signs of unwelcome animal presence in your home include chewed up pieces of drywall or wood, various structural damages, unpleasant odours coming from your attic, and makeshift latrines inside your home.

Ice Damming  

When large amounts of snow accumulate and freeze on or around warm spots of your roof, this can have a damming effect when the snow starts to melt. Ice damming leads to a series of structural roof problems including: pooling water that erodes shingles, inadequate roof and attic ventilation, icicle formations that can damage eavestroughs. If you notice this happening, you might need to contact emergency roof repair services in Toronto.

Snow and Ice Accumulation

Heavy snow and ice accumulation can place a great deal of pressure on your roof and cause some of your shingles to crack under the weight, especially on frigid winter days. On milder days, the snow and ice will melt, causing a damming effect that can also damage your roof. The best way to deal with snow and ice accumulation on your roof is to safely remove it yourself or hire experienced roofing contractors to do it for you.

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect your roof for existing leaks and damages. Once you identify potential trouble spots, contact a professional roof repair and maintenance company in the GTA to fix it for you.
  • Trim nearby tree branches. Large tree branches are your roof’s worst enemy during a heavy snowfall or ice storm as they can easily snap when covered in large amounts of snow and ice, causing significant damages.
  • Prevent ice dams by cleaning out your gutters. Ice dams happen when your water drainage system is clogged, so make sure that water runoff from melted snow and ice has a clear passageway.  

Whether winter has been particularly harsh on your roof or you need to prepare your structure for the months ahead, Right Choice Roofing & Repair is here to help. Over the last decade, we’ve built up a strong reputation as being one of the most reliable and affordable professional roofing companies in Toronto and the GTA. Contact us today for all of your winter roofing repair and maintenance needs.

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